R.T. Wyant, M.S. and Glenn Davis, M.S., the founders of WD Forensic, Inc., have over thirty years of combined forensic experience in firearm/tool mark identification, crime scene analysis, shooting incident reconstruction, and court testimony related to analysis.

WDF edgertronic HSV drones UAS 3D modeling photogrammetry pepperball FN303 trajectory reconstruction forensics less lethal 40mm
Wyant has been a forensic scientist (firearm and tool mark examiner) for over 27 years with experience in crime scene and shooting incident reconstruction. Additionally, he has 20 years experience testing and evaluating a wide variety of less lethal options culminating in a textbook. He is a distinguished member of AFTE and associate member of AAFS. He has participated on international boards including the FBI-SWGGUN and a less lethal NIJ-Technical Working Group.

Wyant has consulted and reported on criminal and civil cases all over the US and abroad including Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. He has completed instructor level courses for NTOA, Safariland, TASER, Pepperball and FN303 systems.  He is a certified HDS (High Definition Scanning) operator and FAA part 107 pilot, utilizing 3D scanners and UAS/drones for forensic consulting and reconstruction.

Davis has been a forensic scientist for over 15 years with experience in firearm and tool mark examination, DNA analysis, NIBIN and crime scene investigation.

John Allgire, a detective, crime scene analyst, range master and less lethal coordinator for his department, assists WDF on a regular basis providing law enforcement consulting and perspective.

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