Less Lethal

ARWEN Less Lethal

less lethal 40mm

photo credit: Jessamy Lennon Photography

Members of WDF have extensive experience and training in less lethal weapons used for law enforcement and corrections. Impact munitions (beanbags, 40mm, 37mm ARWEN/Sage, Pepperball, FN303, etc.), chemical agents (OC-pepperspray, CS-teargas), electronic weapons (such as TASERs), and distraction devices (flash bangs, rubber grenades) have all been independently evaluated and researched to assist agencies in the selection, deployment, and after action investigations. Our research has been presented at the NTOA conference and at other venues throughout the US. See our 68 caliber pneumatic evaluation,  scientific papers and articles. Less lethal weapons have also been featured in local news media.

less lethal ARWEN

ARWEN testing at Yuma Proving Ground

less lethal

Less lethal weapons are very diverse

less lethal 40mm forensics testing

Penn Arms GL1 40mm

less lethal

Pepperball VKS

photo credit: Jessamy Lennon Photography