WD Forensic provides consulting, scientific analysis, research, empirical testing, reporting and court testimony related to forensic ballistics and shooting incident reconstruction.

Gunshot Origin in Auto Glass

Members of WD Forensic have an extensive scientific background in forensic ballistics and case analysis. They have been court qualified as experts in several areas including firearm and tool identification, conducted electrical weapon-CEW (TASER) analysis,  less lethal weapons,  bullet trajectory analysis, crime scene reconstruction, gunshot residue distance determination, and wound analysis. They have published scientific papers and instructed internationally. See our articles and publications.

shooting reconstruction

High Definition Scanning of Scenes

High Speed Videography (HSV)

We apply our field experience, research, and knowledge gained from empirical testing and training courses to accurately interpret and analyze incidents.  Modern technology, such as thermal imaging, high speed videography, doppler radar, drones (UAS), 3D scanning and photogrammetry, is employed for event reconstruction for a complete case presentation to a jury.


Testing Setup

less lethal expert testing

Thermal Measurements of Flash Bangs

TASER forensics terminal under microscope

Microscopic Examination of a TASER terminal