High Definition Scanning (HDS)

We use the latest LIDAR technology from Leica and Faro to accurately map incident scenes for documenting evidence and for measuring bullet trajectories. The data captured from these instruments can place the viewer in the scene from any prospective making them invaluable tools for crime scene reconstruction. We have also used UAS (drones) to supplement the capture of land based point cloud data.

Trajectory Cones Using Point Cloud Data

TASER Flammability-Revisted

In 2004, Wyant was part of an extensive study that evaluated the flammability potential when OC sprays and TASERs were applied simultaneously. In 2007, the CRT Less Lethal guys published an article on Lawofficer Magazine magazine.

Our test piqued the interest of Mythbusters (episode 146), then CSI (season 8, episode 15), which each featured our experiment in an episode.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, fire associated with a TASER application appeared in the news again with reports of the ignition of a man covered with hand sanitizer. Always remember that a spark from any Conducted Electrical Weapon-CEW (TASER) will instantly ignite flammable substances under the right conditions, causing injury or death.

Tactical Edge Article

In the Winter 2017 edition of the Tactical Edge,  the publication of the National Tactical Officers Association, we wrote an article discussing tips and techniques that can help assist in the investigation of a CEW (conducted electrical weapon) or TASER deployment.

Wyant TE17

Wyant TE17

Labradar Testing

Finally got a chance between rain storms to try out our labradar with some 12G beanbag rounds against the Oehler 35 chronograph.  Muzzle velocities were +/- 5 feet/sec with the Labradar tracking the beanbag all the way down range. Look for an article soon in Tactical Edge related to our 40mm experiment.3D shooting modeling trajectory reconstruction forensics less lethal 40mm Labradar3D shooting modeling trajectory reconstruction forensics less lethal 40mm labradar.